Logitech M590 Multi-Device Silent Wireless Mouse

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Feature Description
Brand Logitech
Model M590 Wireless Mouse
Connectivity Advanced Bluetooth technology for seamless wireless use
Precision High-precision tracking with customizable DPI settings
Multi-Device Support Effortlessly switch between two devices for productivity
Battery Life Long-lasting battery for extended usage
Ergonomic Design Comfortable grip, suitable for prolonged use
Compatibility Works with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux systems
Customizable Buttons Easily configure buttons for personalized convenience
Scrolling Options Smooth scrolling and side-to-side scrolling capabilities
Durable Build Sturdy construction for reliability and longevity
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Logitech M590 Wireless Mouse

In the fast-paced digital era, the Logitech M590 Wireless Mouse stands out as an epitome of efficiency and convenience. Specially curated by Logitech and available at HC Online Store, this wireless mouse combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design to elevate your computing experience. Logitech’s M590 boasts advanced Bluetooth technology, ensuring a seamless and reliable connection. Experience high-precision tracking, thanks to customizable DPI settings that allow you to tailor the mouse’s sensitivity to your specific needs. This feature is particularly useful for tasks that demand accuracy, such as graphic design or detailed spreadsheet work.

Multi-Device Mastery

Enhancing productivity, the Logitech M590 Wireless Mouse allows you to effortlessly switch between two devices. Whether you’re toggling between your laptop and tablet or managing work and personal devices, this mouse adapts to your dynamic lifestyle. The transition is smooth, empowering you to stay focused without missing a beat.

Endurance and Ergonomics

Say goodbye to frequent battery changes with the M590’s long-lasting battery life. This wireless mouse is designed for endurance, providing extended usage without interruptions. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip during prolonged use, making it an ideal companion for work, gaming, or creative endeavors.

Customization at Your Fingertips: Tailor the mouse to your preferences with customizable buttons. Easily configure buttons to streamline tasks and access frequently used functions with a single click. This level of personalization enhances efficiency, saving you time and effort in your daily computing activities.

Versatile Compatibility

The Logitech M590 Wireless Mouse is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux. This versatility ensures a smooth experience across different platforms, making it a versatile choice for users with diverse computing needs.

Smooth Scrolling, Durable Build: Experience fluid scrolling and side-to-side scrolling capabilities, providing a more intuitive navigation experience. The mouse’s durable build guarantees longevity, with Logitech’s commitment to quality shining through in every click and scroll.


In conclusion, Logitech’s M590 Wireless Mouse, available at HC Online Store, is a reliable and versatile peripheral that seamlessly blends precision, connectivity, and ergonomic design. With its multi-device support, customizable features, and durable build, it’s a stellar choice for individuals seeking a mouse that enhances productivity and adapts to their unique computing demands. Upgrade your workflow with the Logitech M590 Wireless Mouse and embrace a new level of efficiency in your digital endeavors.

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