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Feature Description
Sensor Type Advanced Optical Sensor for precise gaming.
DPI Range Adjustable DPI (100-16,000) for optimal control.
Design Ergonomic design with customizable RGB lighting.
Switches LK Optical switches for fast and accurate response.
Compatibility Universal compatibility with major operating systems.


HC Online Store presents the Bloody V8M Gaming Mouse, a cutting-edge device designed to elevate your gaming experience. With its advanced optical sensor, this mouse ensures precision and accuracy, providing you with a competitive edge in any gaming scenario. The adjustable DPI range (100-16,000) allows you to fine-tune sensitivity, catering to your specific gaming needs.

The ergonomic design of the Bloody V8M Gaming Mouse prioritizes comfort during extended gaming sessions. Its customizable RGB lighting adds a touch of personalization, creating a visually immersive gaming environment. The LK Optical switches deliver swift and accurate responses, translating your every move into seamless gameplay.

This gaming mouse is compatible with major operating systems, offering versatility and convenience. Whether you’re a PC, Mac, or Linux gamer, the Bloody V8M is ready to enhance your gaming setup. Elevate your gameplay with the precision, speed, and style that this mouse brings to the table.

Bloody V8M Gaming Mouse Key Features:

  1. Advanced Optical Sensor: The V8M’s advanced optical sensor ensures pixel-perfect precision, allowing you to navigate virtual worlds with unparalleled accuracy.
  2. Customizable RGB Lighting: Personalize your gaming setup with the mouse’s RGB lighting, creating an immersive atmosphere that complements your gaming rig.
  3. Fast and Accurate Response: Equipped with LK Optical switches, the V8M delivers rapid response times, ensuring your commands are executed with minimal delay.
  4. Adjustable DPI: Tailor the mouse’s sensitivity to your liking with a DPI range of 100-16,000, providing the flexibility needed for various gaming genres.
  5. Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfort during prolonged gaming sessions, the V8M’s ergonomic design minimizes fatigue, allowing you to stay focused on the game.


Incorporate the Bloody V8M Gaming Mouse into your gaming arsenal and experience a new level of precision, speed, and comfort. HC Online Store brings you this top-notch gaming accessory, ensuring that every click counts in your gaming journey. Upgrade your setup with the V8M for a competitive advantage and a visually stunning gaming atmosphere.

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