Wifi Extenders

  • DLink DAP-1325 N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender

    Feature Description
    Main Keyword D-Link DAP-1325 N300 Wifi Range Extender
    Wireless Connectivity Enhance your network with N300 Wi-Fi, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your home or office.
    Compact Design Sleek and compact, the DAP-1325 seamlessly blends into any environment, providing discreet yet powerful Wi-Fi extension.
    Easy Setup Effortless installation with one-touch WPS setup or user-friendly web-based configuration, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.
    Universal Compatibility Compatible with any router brand, the D-Link Extender extends your existing wireless network, eliminating dead zones and improving overall coverage.
    Signal Strength Indicator The LED signal strength indicator helps you find the optimal placement for maximum coverage, ensuring a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection.
  • TP-Link AC750 WiFi Range Extender RE200

    Feature Description
    Main Keyword TP-Link AC750 Extender RE200
    Coverage Expands Wi-Fi coverage with AC750 dual-band technology.
    Speed Boosts speeds up to 750Mbps for seamless online activities.
    Compact Design Sleek and compact design for easy plug-in installation.
    Ethernet Port Equipped with an Ethernet port for wired device connectivity.
    Signal Indicator LED signal indicator ensures optimal placement for coverage.
  • Tp-Link TL-WA850RE Wifi Extender

    Feature Description
    Brand TP-Link
    Model TL-WA850RE
    Type Wifi Extender
    Coverage Expands wifi coverage up to 800 square feet
    Speed Boosts speed up to 300Mbps
    Compatibility Works with any standard router
    Ethernet Port Equipped with a 10/100M Ethernet port for wired devices
    Easy Setup One-touch WPS button for quick and easy setup
    Signal Indicator LED signal indicator for optimal placement
    Compact Design Sleek and compact design blends with any home environment
    Universal Compatibility Works with all wifi devices

    Tp-Link TL-WA850RE Wifi Extender


In the bustling realm of connectivity, a reliable and robust Wi-Fi signal is indispensable for seamless online experiences. As technology evolves, the need for efficient WiFi extenders becomes paramount, especially in a country like Pakistan where connectivity is key. At HC Online Store, located in the technology hub of Hafeez Center Lahore, we understand the significance of uninterrupted internet access. In this article, we delve into the diverse landscape of WiFi extenders price in Pakistan, focusing on their prices in Pakistan and how they can elevate your connectivity game.

WiFi Extenders Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the demand for Wi-Fi extenders has surged as more households and businesses seek to overcome the limitations of traditional routers. HC Online Store, nestled in the heart of Hafeez Center Lahore, caters to this growing need by offering a comprehensive range of Wi-Fi extenders at competitive prices. Transitioning seamlessly between various brands and models, our store provides an array of options to suit diverse preferences and budgets.

Understanding Wi-Fi Extender Prices in Pakistan

Exploring WiFi extender prices in Pakistan reveals a spectrum of options, each catering to specific needs. Transitioning from the basic to the advanced, HC Online Store ensures that customers find the perfect balance between performance and affordability. From budget-friendly options to high-end models, our collection encompasses renowned brands, promising to extend your Wi-Fi reach effortlessly.

Diverse Brands, Diverse Prices

With transition words guiding your journey through our extensive collection, it’s evident that HC Online Store curates a diverse selection of Wi-Fi extenders. Transitioning between brands like TP-Link, Netgear, and Linksys, customers can navigate through options that suit their preferences and meet their specific connectivity requirements. Transitioning from one brand to another, our store ensures a seamless experience, making it easy for customers to compare prices and features.

Navigating Through the Price Range

Transitioning smoothly from brand exploration to price considerations, HC Online Store offers WiFi extenders at varying price points. Whether you’re on a budget or seeking top-tier performance, our store’s transition from affordable options to premium models ensures that every customer finds a suitable match. Transitioning through the price range, customers can make informed decisions based on their connectivity needs and financial considerations.

Enhanced Connectivity for Every Budget

Transitioning from the discussion of price ranges, it’s evident that HC Online Store is committed to democratizing enhanced connectivity. Transitioning to affordable options doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Our store’s transition to budget-friendly WiFi extenders ensures that even those with limited resources can enjoy improved internet access without breaking the bank.


In the realm of WiFi extenders price in Pakistan, HC Online Store stands as a beacon of quality and affordability. As we conclude our exploration of Wi-Fi extender prices in Pakistan, it’s evident that our store, nestled in Hafeez Center Lahore, caters to the diverse needs of customers. With a seamless transition between brands, price ranges, and performance levels, HC Online Store ensures that everyone can elevate their connectivity game without straining their budget. Visit us at Hafeez Center Lahore to explore our extensive collection and embrace a new era of uninterrupted internet connectivity.

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