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  • Aurora AS106C Paper Shredder

    Feature Description
    Aurora AS106C Model Powerful paper shredder designed for efficient document disposal.
    Cross-Cut Technology Ensures secure shredding with precise cross-cutting capability.
    High Sheet Capacity Shreds up to 10 sheets at a time, reducing time spent on shredding.
    Compact Design Space-saving unit ideal for home or office use.
    Advanced Safety Features Equipped with safety sensors for worry-free operation.
    Easy Maintenance Conveniently empty the 4.5-gallon waste bin with minimal effort.
    Shreds Credit Cards Versatile shredder that can handle credit cards for added convenience.
    Quiet Operation Low-noise design for a peaceful shredding experience.
    Auto Start/Stop User-friendly automatic start and stop functionality.
    Overheat Protection Built-in protection mechanism to prevent overheating.

    Aurora AS106C Paper Shredder

  • Aurora AS1225CD Paper Shredder

    Feature Description
    Model: Aurora AS1225CD Paper Shredder
    Sheet Capacity: Efficiently shreds up to 12 sheets per pass
    Security Level: Provides secure cross-cut shredding (Level P-3)
    Continuous Run Time: Extended run time for uninterrupted shredding
    Bin Capacity: Spacious 5-gallon wastebasket for fewer empties
    Jam-Free Technology: Hassle-free operation with anti-jam auto-reverse
    Shred Speed: Rapid shredding at 6.56 feet per minute
    Credit Card Slot: Dedicated slot for safely disposing of credit cards
    Quiet Operation: Low noise level for a peaceful office environment
    Compact Design: Space-saving design fits seamlessly in any workspace
    Shredded Particle Size: Produces tiny 5/32″ x 1 1/2″ cross-cut particles

    Aurora AS1225CD Paper Shredder

  • Aurora AS1230CD Paper Shredder

    Feature Description
    Main Keyword Aurora AS1230CD Paper Shredder
    Shredding Capacity Efficiently shreds up to 12 sheets per pass
    Security Level Provides P-4 level security for sensitive documents
    Continuous Run Time Extended run time for uninterrupted shredding
    Auto-Feed Technology Automatic feeding for convenient hands-free operation
    Waste Bin Capacity Spacious 5-gallon bin reduces frequent emptying
    Cross-Cut Shredding Cross-cutting ensures enhanced document security
    Compact Design Space-saving design ideal for home or small office use
    Quiet Operation Low noise level for a peaceful and undisturbed work environment
    Jam-Free Technology Advanced technology prevents jams for smooth operation
    Safety Features Equipped with safety sensors and auto-reverse functionality

    Aurora AS1230CD Paper Shredder

  • Aurora AS1430CD Paper Shredder

    Feature Description
    Main Keyword Aurora AS1430CD Paper Shredder
    Shredding Capacity Efficiently shreds up to 14 sheets of paper per pass.
    Cross-Cut Technology Utilizes advanced cross-cut technology for enhanced security.
    Continuous Run Time Extended run time for uninterrupted shredding sessions.
    Shredding Speed High-speed performance, shredding at an impressive rate.
    Safety Features Equipped with safety features, including overheating protection.
    Large Bin Capacity Spacious bin to minimize the frequency of emptying.
    Quiet Operation Operates quietly, making it suitable for office environments.
    Compact Design Space-saving design ensures easy placement in any office setup.
    Auto Start/Stop Convenient auto start and stop functionality for user ease.
    Jam-Resistant Technology Incorporates jam-resistant technology for hassle-free shredding.

    Aurora AS1430CD Paper Shredder

  • Aurora AS680SB Paper Shredder – Shred Size 6mm Strips

    Feature Description
    Model: Aurora AS680SB
    Type: Paper Shredder
    Security Level: Cross-Cut (Level P-3)
    Sheet Capacity: Shreds up to 6 sheets at once
    Bin Capacity: 4.8-gallon waste basket
    Run Time: Continuous 10-minute runtime with cool-down
    Shred Size: 5/32″ x 1 7/10″ (4 x 45mm)
    Auto Start/Stop: Yes, for convenient operation
    Shreds Staples and Credit Cards: Handles staples and credit cards effortlessly
    Overheat Protection: Equipped with overheat protection for safe usage
    Compact Design: Space-saving design for home or office use
    Noise Level: Low noise operation for a quiet shredding experience
  • Aurora AS890C 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper/Credit Card Shredder with Basket

    Feature Description
    Powerful Performance Shred documents effortlessly with the Aurora AS890C Paper Shredder’s robust and efficient motor.
    Cross-Cut Technology Ensure enhanced security with the cross-cut shredding capability, turning sensitive data into confetti.
    Compact and Portable The compact design allows for easy placement in any office or home setting, combining convenience and functionality.
    Auto Start/Stop Enjoy user-friendly operation with the auto start/stop feature, making shredding a breeze.
    5-sheet Capacity Handle multiple sheets at once, improving efficiency and saving time with the 5-sheet capacity.
  • Aurora Paper Shredder AS152CM

    Feature Description
    Model: Aurora Paper Shredder AS152CM
    Shred Type: Cross-cut
    Capacity: 15 sheets per pass
    Security Level: P-3 (Medium)
    Run Time: Continuous
    Bin Capacity: 6.4 gallons
    Shred Size: 5/32″ x 1 1/2″
    Jam-Resistant: Yes
    Auto-Start/Stop: Yes
    Overheat Protection: Yes
    Quiet Operation: Low noise level
    Shreddable Materials: Paper, credit cards, staples, small paper clips
    Dimensions: 16.1″ x 11.8″ x 22.8″ (HxWxD)
    Weight: 25.3 lbs
    Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
    Brand: Aurora

    Aurora Paper Shredder AS152CM

  • Aurora Paper Shredder AS1530CM

    Feature Description
    Model Aurora Paper Shredder AS1530CM
    Shredding Capacity Efficiently shreds up to 15 sheets per pass
    Security Level Provides high-level P-4 security for sensitive data
    Run Time Extended continuous runtime for heavy-duty use
    Bin Capacity Spacious 30-liter waste bin reduces frequent emptying
    Auto-Start/Stop Smart sensor technology for seamless operation
    Shred Speed Impressive speed of 6.6 feet per minute
    Cross-Cut Technology Cross-cut shredding for enhanced document security
    Safety Features Overheat and overload protection for user safety
    Compact Design Space-saving design suitable for home or office use

    Aurora Paper Shredder AS1530CM

  • Aurora Paper Shredder AS1540CD

    Feature Description
    Model: Aurora Paper Shredder AS1540CD
    Security Level: Cross-cut, ensuring sensitive information stays confidential
    Capacity: Shreds up to 15 sheets per pass, boosting productivity
    Shred Size: 4x40mm particles, enhancing document destruction efficiency
    Run Time: Continuous shredding for up to 20 minutes, reducing downtime
    Auto-Start/Stop: Smart sensor technology for seamless operation
    Bin Capacity: Spacious 40-liter waste bin, reducing frequent emptying
    CD/DVD Shredding: Integrated slot for secure destruction of optical media
    Safety Features: Overheat protection and manual reverse function for safety
    Design: Sleek and compact design, fitting seamlessly into any office
    Brand: Trusted Aurora brand, known for quality office equipment

    Aurora Paper Shredder AS1540CD

  • Aurora Paper Shredder AS1630CD

    Feature Description
    Model Aurora Paper Shredder AS1630CD
    Shredding Capacity 16 sheets per pass, efficiently handles large document loads
    Security Level Cross-cut shredding ensures sensitive data remains secure
    Run Time Continuous shredding for extended use without interruptions
    Safety Features Auto-reverse function prevents jams, enhancing user safety
    Bin Capacity 30L waste bin reduces the frequency of emptying
    Additional Features Shreds credit cards, CDs, and DVDs for versatile use
    Brand Reputation Aurora – A trusted brand known for quality office equipment
    Purchase Location Available at HC Online Store, affiliated with Hafeez Center Lahore

    Aurora Paper Shredder AS1630CD

  • Aurora Paper Shredder AS2030CD

    Feature Description
    Main Keyword Aurora Paper Shredder AS2030CD
    Shredding Capacity Efficiently shreds up to 20 sheets at a time for maximum productivity
    Security Level Provides high-level security with P-4 cross-cut shredding
    Continuous Run Time Extended run time for uninterrupted shredding sessions
    Advanced Safety Features Equipped with safety sensors and auto-reverse function
    Convenient Bin Capacity Large 30-liter bin reduces the frequency of emptying
    Multifunctional Design Shreds paper, credit cards, and CDs for versatile use
    Quiet Operation Low noise level ensures a peaceful working environment
    Space-Saving Build Compact design with a small footprint fits easily in any office space

    Aurora Paper Shredder AS2030CD

  • Aurora Paper Shredder AS2220CD

    Feature Description
    Model Aurora Paper Shredder AS2220CD
    Capacity Shreds up to 22 sheets of paper at once
    Security Level Cross-cut shredding for enhanced security
    Continuous Run Time 30 minutes of continuous shredding
    Shred Speed Shreds at a speed of 6.5 feet per minute
    Bin Capacity Spacious 5.8-gallon wastebasket for fewer emptying trips
    Shred Size Creates 5/32″ x 1 1/2″ small paper particles for confidentiality
    Auto Start/Stop Smart sensors for automatic start and stop
    Jam-resistant Technology Equipped with anti-jam technology to prevent disruptions
    Quiet Operation Low-noise operation for a peaceful work environment
    Credit Card Shredding Capable of shredding credit cards, CDs, and DVDs
    Warranty Backed by a 1-year warranty for customer confidence

    Aurora Paper Shredder AS2220CD


The paper shredder is an important tool for persons who are seeking to safeguard their confidential information. By shredding documents, you can stop any unauthorized access. This can help to protect your security, privacy, and legal liability as well.

In an era where information is more valuable than before, the protection of sensitive data is crucial. Even if you want to dispose of your documents or want to shred any business information, paper shredders have become indispensable devices. Lets explore paper shredder price in pakistan in the given below.

While you may think of a paper shredder as a just simple machine, its significance in thwarting identity theft cannot be ignored. Within this category, you can explore different shredders available on this platform, their types, and the benefits they bring to the table.

However, at HC online store, we know the importance of quality, reliability, and security. This realization powers up our commitment to curating a collection of the best paper shredders from esteemed brands such as Aurora and HSM, ensuring your peace of mind. Join us on this expedition to unveil the transformative ways in which a paper shredder can fortify your privacy.

Best Paper Shredder Price in Pakistan

Indulge in exceptional paper shredding technology without stretching your budget at HC Online Store, where we present you with the best paper shredder price in Pakistan. At HC Store, you can trust us to provide quality devices while keeping accessibility in mind. However, we understand the importance of making quality shredders accessible to every person. We calculate our prices to accommodate all budgets, even if you are looking for advanced shredding capabilities or budget-friendly.

Explore our different paper shredder types and brands, and discover the one that is most suitable for your home or office use at an exceptional and reasonably priced as well. With us, the pursuit of excellence in secure document disposal doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. That makes us your go-to destination for affordable paper shredder machine prices in Pakistan. Elevate your document security experience without exceeding your budget. That’s the promise we deliver with every shredded document, confidential information protection, and efficient operation you engage in.

Buy Shredder Machine Online in Pakistan

Our collection caters to diverse preferences, ensuring that you find the best paper shredders in Pakistan to complement your needs. Whether you are looking for a home shredder or a heavy duty paper shredder, we have got you covered. Explore our different categories like strip-cut, cross-cut, or micro-cut, designed to improve your document disposal operations.

Additionally, we offer advanced large shredders for a complete solution. Our commitment is to delivering excellence that extends to all sizes of businesses. Discover the perfect paper shredder for your needs with us to revolutionize the way you handle document security and disposal.

Strip Cut Shredders

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of strip-cut shredders at HC Online Store. These shredders are the best choice for the basic disposal of documents that cut paper into long strips. Moreover, this document shredder is perfect for persons who want a light-moderate and affordable solution for home/small business. Enjoy the ease of use and simple operation while keeping the security of your sensitive information. However, it’s important to note that compared to the other types, strip-cut shredders have a lower level of security because the strips can be easier to reconstruct.

Cross Cut Shredders

Elevate your document security with crosscut shredders from HC Online Store. These advanced shredders offer the best protection by cutting paper into small cross sections that make it hard to reconstruct. This commercial paper shredder is perfect for businesses that want peace of mind in terms of their confidential security. However, compared to strip-cut, these shredders cut paper into smaller shapes which provide the best level of security against theft.

Micro Cut Paper Shredders

Experience the pinnacle of document security with microcut shredders available at HC Online Store. By turning paper into tiny particles like confetti, these shredders provide an excellent solution for highly sensitive information. Whether you are looking for personal use or in an office setting, this best heavy duty paper shredder offers high security. Which ensures your confidential documents remain confidential. However, the primary distinction is the smaller cut size, making it nearly impossible to reconstruct documents compared to other options.

At HC online store, we know that the office does not just need paper shredders, that’s why we also offer a wide range of printers as well, to complete your office setup. Explore our collection to find the best combination of devices according to your requirements with ease.

Why Choose HC Online Store for Buying Paper Shredders

When it comes to buying the best paper shredder for home use or office, we’re your go-to destination. We are committed to offering a collection of shredders, ensuring that document disposal task is backed by innovation and quality.

At HC, we understand that everyone has unique preferences for paper shredding requirements, and our range caters to every need. Whether you’re a professional needing a high-security micro-cut shredder or a home user seeking an affordable strip-cut option, our selection has been thoughtfully curated to exceed expectations.

What sets us apart is our dedication to providing not just products but an exceptional shopping experience. Our paper shredders undergo rigorous quality checks to guarantee optimal performance, and with a team ready to assist you, we ensure a seamless journey from selection to purchase. Additionally, with us, you’re not just buying a paper shredder; you’re investing in reliability, innovation, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. However, our competitive prices make top-tier paper shredding technology accessible to everyone without compromising on quality.

Whether you’re enhancing your document security, upgrading your home office operations, or simply getting a reliable paper shredder, HC Online Store is your trusted partner in delivering excellence. Choose us to buy cheap paper shredders that prioritize your unique needs, providing you with a solution that seamlessly integrates with your document disposal requirements.

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