Wired Keyboards

  • A4Tech KK 3330S Multimedia Desktop Keyboard

    Feature Description
    Ergonomic Design Enjoy comfortable typing with the A4Tech KK 3330S, designed for user-friendly use.
    Multimedia Functionality Access multimedia functions effortlessly for a seamless and efficient experience.
    Responsive Keys Responsive and tactile keys ensure accurate and swift typing for improved productivity.
    Plug-and-Play Connectivity Easy setup with plug-and-play connectivity, making it ideal for quick installation.
    Durable Build Built to last, the keyboard boasts a durable construction for long-term reliability.
  • A4Tech KR-85 Multimedia Wired Keyboard

    Feature Description
    Efficient Typing Responsive keys for quick and accurate typing.
    Durable Build Sturdy construction for long-lasting use.
    Plug-and-Play Easy setup, no drivers required.
    Comfortable Design Ergonomic layout for comfortable typing.
    Multimedia Hotkeys Convenient access to multimedia functions.
    Affordable Excellence High-quality at an affordable price.
    Quiet Typing Experience Silent keys for a quiet working environment.
    Compatibility Compatible with various devices and systems.
  • Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard

    Feature Description
    Brand Logitech
    Model K120 Wired Keyboard
    Connection Reliable USB Wired Connection
    Design Spill-resistant Design for Durability
    Compatibility Universal Compatibility with Windows and Linux
    Typing Comfort Low-profile Keys for Comfortable Typing Experience
    Durability Long-lasting and Sturdy Construction
    Plug-and-Play Easy Plug-and-Play Setup, No Software Installation Required
    Quiet Typing Whisper-quiet Keys for Noise-Free Typing

    Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard


In the dynamic world of computer accessories, the wired keyboard stands as a steadfast companion for users seeking reliable input devices. In Pakistan, where tech enthusiasts demand quality peripherals, HC Online Store emerges as a prominent provider, offering an extensive range of wired keyboards price in Pakistan. Situated in the bustling technology hub of Lahore at Hafeez Center, HC Online Store has become synonymous with top-notch computer accessories.

Wired Keyboards Price in Pakistan

Hafeez Center Online Store’s collection of wired keyboards price in Pakistan is a testament to the company’s commitment to catering to diverse user preferences. The assortment includes keyboards from renowned brands, each embodying durability, functionality, and ergonomic design. With options ranging from compact and portable keyboards to full-sized models with additional features, HC Online Store ensures that every user finds the perfect match for their specific needs.

Affordability Meets Quality

Notable within HC Online Store’s offering of wired keyboards price in Pakistan is the accessibility of competitive prices. Striving to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, the company seamlessly transitions between affordable entry-level options and high-end models. This pricing strategy ensures that HC Online Store remains a go-to destination for users with varying budgets, solidifying its position as a comprehensive solution provider.

Trusted Brands, Trusted Performance

Navigating through the keyboards section at Hafeez Center Online Store, customers encounter a range of trusted brands, each known for innovation and reliability. From sleek designs to customizable keys, the keyboards on offer cater to gamers, professionals, and everyday users alike. The store’s commitment to quality is evident in the curated selection, featuring keyboards with responsive keys, durable build, and modern aesthetics.

A Physical Touchpoint for Assurance

For those specifically seeking wired keyboards in Pakistan, HC Online Store at Hafeez Center Lahore stands out as a hub for accessibility and variety. The physical presence at Hafeez Center allows users to explore, test, and choose the perfect wired keyboard in person, adding an extra layer of convenience and assurance. The brick-and-mortar location enhances the overall customer experience, fostering trust and confidence in their purchase decisions.


In conclusion, the landscape of wired keyboards price in Pakistan is greatly enriched by HC Online Store’s commitment to quality, variety, and affordability. Situated at the iconic Hafeez Center in Lahore, the store offers a comprehensive range of wired keyboards, ensuring that users across the spectrum find the perfect device to meet their computing needs. With competitive prices, renowned brands, and a physical presence at Hafeez Center, HC Online Store solidifies its position as a trusted destination for those in search of reliable and reasonably priced wired keyboards. Unlock efficiency and elevate your computing experience with Hafeez Center Online Store.

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