Samsung Galaxy Ring – The Next Big Advancement in Wearable Tech

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is an upcoming wearable device from Samsung that was first teased at the company’s Unpacked event in January 2024. While details were scarce at the time, more information has been revealed since then, including its first public unveiling at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 which caught everyone’s attention.

samsung galaxy ring Wearable Tech

Additionally, Samsung hasn’t officially announced a release date or price yet. However, based on the rumors from the event, the Galaxy Ring is expected to launch in late summer 2024, possibly priced at around PKR 80,000. Anyway, here’s an in-depth look at this futuristic wearable, poised to redefine our interactions with technology.

A Glimpse into the Future

Samsung’s introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Ring after the excitement about the Galaxy S24 mobile was really smart. However, it was at MWC where the tech giant was ready to peel back the curtain, even though they only showed it enclosed in glass. Granted exclusive access, some people had a firsthand experience with what’s still a prototype, leaving them both excited and curious about its full capabilities once finalized.

Simple and Elegant Design of Samsung Galaxy Ring

As far as we know, the Samsung Galaxy Ring comes in one simple and elegant design that’s very similar to a wedding ring. The ring comprises mostly plastic with metal or gold coating on the outside, adding a touch of luxury, and houses sensors on the inside. The design philosophy here mirrors that of the Oura Horizon, yet the Galaxy Ring Samsung introduces a sleeker integrated appearance.

It’s worth noting that Oura offers an alternative design through its variant, providing users with options to suit their style. However, the focus remains solidly on the nuanced differences the Galaxy Ring brings.

Materials and Comfort

The ring is mostly plastic, but it has metal or gold on the outside and small sensors inside. However, there are three sensor bumps similar to the Oura ring but the Samsung Galaxy smart ring has sensors that are much smaller than the Ouras’. Furthermore, it’s noticeable that the Galaxy ring is more comfortable to wear for a long time. This subtle yet crucial design choice has a profound impact on the user experience, ensuring the ring feels like a natural extension of oneself.

Color Variations

Currently, there are only three different colors of the Samsung Galaxy Ring that have been seen. Those are gold, silver, and black all with shiny finishes. However, we don’t know if there’s going to be a matte finish later down the road. But that’s something that Samsung could announce when it makes the ring official which could diversify its aesthetic appeal further.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring Sizes

The Galaxy smart ring sizes start from 7 (17.3 mm) to 13 (22.2 mm), ensuring a fit for everyone. But it might be a bit confusing because the inside of the ring will be labeled as small, medium, large, or extra large. However, Samsung will use these labels for several ring sizes, with each name covering at least two sizes out of the nine available. Additionally, Samsung hasn’t said yet how you’ll figure out your size on your own. Other companies like Oura usually send you a kit to help you find the right fit before you buy. Hence, we’d expect Samsung to do something similar.

Concave Design

The biggest difference with the Samsung Galaxy ring is that the outer design is concave and not convex like the Oura ring. This design choice not only enhances light reflection – making it appear sleeker – but also minimizes scratching and improves overall comfort. Its rounded sides thoughtfully eliminate any discomfort from extended wear.

Samsung and Oura’s Unique Advantages

Beyond the physical design, here are some advantages of each of the two rings side by side.

Oura Ring AdvantagesSamsung Galaxy Ring Advantages
Compatibility with Android and iPhone platforms, offering versatility in smartphone usage.Deep integration with Samsung’s ecosystem, ensuring seamless connectivity and functionality with other Samsung devices.
Sleek physical design catering to aesthetics and comfort.  Works in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy Watch, allowing users to alternate between the ring and smart watches for different purposes.
Independent functionality, not reliant on specific brand ecosystems.  Enhanced activity tracking, notifications, and app usage during the day with the Galaxy Watch, while providing uninterrupted sleep tracking at night with the ring.
 The data from both devices (ring and watch) will be synchronized into the Samsung Health app.

Battery Life and Advanced Features

While exact battery life specifics are under wraps, the Galaxy Ring promises endurance beyond a couple of days. However, it parallels the Oura Ring’s sleep-tracking capabilities, covering heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep latency, and night movement. Moreover, it’ll provide one vitality score for physical and mental readiness which is based on sleep, activity, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. Besides, it also supports female health tracking in partnership with natural cycles and will enable device control through Samsung SmartThings and facilitate wireless payments via Samsung Pay.

Though still in prototype, the smart ring of Samsung hints at future capabilities, potentially including blood oxygen, stress, and resilience tracking. These features, if realized, could significantly elevate the wearable tech game.

Note: These features might or might not come to the Samsung Galaxy Ring when it’s officially announced.

Wrapping Up

The experience with the Galaxy Ring will surely leave a lasting impression of sophistication, comfort, and potential. While its compatibility limitation with iOS might dictate user choice, Android enthusiasts and Samsung loyalists will find a seamless addition to their tech repertoire in the Galaxy Ring.

As we stand on the peak of this exciting release, the question remains: Will the Galaxy Ring redefine wearable technology? Or will the Oura Ring maintain its stronghold? Regardless, the future of wearables is brighter than ever, and we anticipate the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

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Will the Galaxy Ring have a subscription fee like the Oura Ring?

Samsung didn’t answer that question. However, it’s obvious that Samsung’s Galaxy Ring is not requiring a subscription at all.

What is the expected release date of Samsung Galaxy Ring?

Samsung hasn’t officially announced a release date, but it is anticipated to launch in late summer 2024.

What colors are available for the Galaxy Ring?

Currently, the Galaxy Ring features shiny finishes in three colors: gold, silver, and black.

What are the features of the Galaxy Ring?

Anticipatedly, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will offer ECG functionality and blood flow measurement. Rumors also suggest that the Galaxy Ring will enable device control through Samsung SmartThings and facilitate wireless payments.

Is the Galaxy Ring same as the Oura Ring?

No, the Galaxy Ring and the Oura Ring are not the same. Although they are both smart rings that track health and fitness data. The Galaxy Ring won’t include the workout auto-detection feature found in the Oura Ring, but it will offer fertility tracking.

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